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Defense Breakdown Economic Impact Report
By Place of Performance Data -- Sorted by Product or Service

(FY 2012 Defense Contracts Baseline Data)

Estimated 9% to 18% Annual Budget Reductions Starting in FY 2013

Go to to view detailed reports on Hawaii counties, cities, Congressional Districts, industries, small businesses and information on sources and methodology.


  • Our military is carrying an unfair burden of deficit cuts. To date, our Defense budget has been hit with 50% of deficit reduction -- yet it accounts for less than 20% of total federal spending. As a result of these cuts, in 2012 President Obama limited U.S. military capability to fighting one "regional conflict" and one "holding action."
  • Sequestration Defense budget cuts of $500 billion, combined with previous Defense cuts of another $487 billion, will cut defense spending in local communities by 9% to 18% between 2013 and 2021.
  • These reports show how estimates of defense budget reductions from 9% to 18% could affect Hawaii with cuts in defense jobs and businesses. Ask your elected officials for ongoing updates on how these defense cuts will affect your community.
  • Alternative solutions have been proposed to maintain a strong defense, reduce our deficit and avoid tax increases. Elected officials have proposed that the President and Congress reduce mandatory entitlement spending and make cuts in the non-security programs in the Federal budget. Over 60% of federal spending goes to entitlements like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and now Obamacare.

StateCountyContract YearProduct or Service$ AmountReduction
   by 9.0%
   by 18.0%
HawaiiMaui2012Aircraft Ground Servicing Equipment$4,056-$365-$730
HawaiiMaui2012Bags and Sacks$6,276-$565-$1,130
HawaiiMaui2012Blocks Tackle Rigging and Slings$3,571-$321-$643
HawaiiMaui2012Cable, Cord, Wire Assemblies: Comm Equip$9,176-$826-$1,652
HawaiiMaui2012Centrifugals, Separators, And Press and Vac Filt$12,298-$1,107-$2,214
HawaiiMaui2012Communications Security Equip and Comps$4,856-$437-$874
HawaiiMaui2012Connectors, Electrical$33,600-$3,024-$6,048
HawaiiMaui2012Cutting Tools for Machine Tools$3,690-$332-$664
HawaiiMaui2012Drilling and Tapping Machines$75,060-$6,755-$13,511
HawaiiMaui2012Electric Lamps$49,762-$4,479-$8,957
HawaiiMaui2012Electric Portable & Hand Lighting Equip$17,545-$1,579-$3,158
HawaiiMaui2012Electric Vehicular Lights and Fixtures$119,267-$10,734-$21,468
HawaiiMaui2012Eng Air & Oil Fil, Strainers, & Cleaners, Nonacft$21,353-$1,922-$3,844
HawaiiMaui2012Engine Fuel Sys Components, Nonaircraft$38,257-$3,443-$6,886
HawaiiMaui2012Engineering Technical Services$43,010-$3,871-$7,742
HawaiiMaui2012Fans, Air Circulators, & Blower Equip$2,202-$198-$396
HawaiiMaui2012Fire Fighting Equipment$19,347-$1,741-$3,482
HawaiiMaui2012Fittings and Specialties; Hose, Pipe, Tube$101,367-$9,123-$18,246
HawaiiMaui2012Flags and Pennants$59,914-$5,392-$10,785
HawaiiMaui2012Fruits and Vegetables$23,321-$2,099-$4,198
HawaiiMaui2012Fuses, Arrestors, Absorbers, & Protectors$9,680-$871-$1,742
HawaiiMaui2012Hand Tools, Nonedged, Nonpowered$4,356-$392-$784
HawaiiMaui2012Hardware, Weapon System$41,142-$3,703-$7,406
HawaiiMaui2012Indoor & Outdoor Electric Lighting Fixtures$68,182-$6,136-$12,273
HawaiiMaui2012Insect & Rodent Control Services$6,195-$558-$1,115
HawaiiMaui2012Knobs and Pointers$3,426-$308-$617
HawaiiMaui2012Landscaping/Groundskeeping Services$39,962-$3,597-$7,193
HawaiiMaui2012Lease or Rental of Eq/Vehicles-Trailers-Cycles$14,376-$1,294-$2,588
HawaiiMaui2012Lodging - Hotel/Motel$42,486-$3,824-$7,647
HawaiiMaui2012Marine Lifesaving and Diving Equipment$15,314-$1,378-$2,757
HawaiiMaui2012Mat Handling Equip, Nonself-Propelled$22,669-$2,040-$4,080
HawaiiMaui2012Misc Electrical & Electronic Components$5,703-$513-$1,027
HawaiiMaui2012Misc Engine Accessories, Nonaircraft$12,485-$1,124-$2,247
HawaiiMaui2012Miscellaneous Battery Retaining Fixtures & Liners$165,349-$14,881-$29,763
HawaiiMaui2012Miscellaneous Hardware$347,541-$31,279-$62,557
HawaiiMaui2012Miscellaneous Ship and Marine Equipment$4,950-$446-$891
HawaiiMaui2012Motor Veh Maint & Repr Shop Specilized Eq$5,373-$484-$967
HawaiiMaui2012Nails, Keys, And Pins$13,832-$1,245-$2,490
HawaiiMaui2012Night Vision Equipment, Emitted and Reflect Radia$52,245-$4,702-$9,404
HawaiiMaui2012Nuts and Washers$147,562-$13,281-$26,561
HawaiiMaui2012Other Architect & Engineering Services$87,691-$7,892-$15,784
HawaiiMaui2012Other Environ SVCS, Studies, & Analytical Support$59,870-$5,388-$10,777
HawaiiMaui2012Other Management Support Services$1,143,263-$102,894-$205,787
HawaiiMaui2012Plate, Sheet, Strip, Foil; Iron and Steel$5,676-$511-$1,022
HawaiiMaui2012Program Management/Support Services$34,645-$3,118-$6,236
HawaiiMaui2012RDTE/Misc Hard Goods-Adv Tech Dev$9,033,993-$813,059-$1,626,119
HawaiiMaui2012RDTE/Missile and Space Systems-Applied Research$678,740-$61,087-$122,173
HawaiiMaui2012RDTE/Other Defense-Applied Research$891,825-$80,264-$160,529
HawaiiMaui2012RDTE/Weapons-Applied Research$2,924,306-$263,188-$526,375
HawaiiMaui2012RDTE/Weapons-Basic Research$449,857-$40,487-$80,974
HawaiiMaui2012Rubber Fabricated Materials$129,075-$11,617-$23,234
HawaiiMaui2012Safety and Rescue Equipment$97,811-$8,803-$17,606
HawaiiMaui2012Scaffolding Equipment and Concrete Forms$12,928-$1,164-$2,327
HawaiiMaui2012Structural Shapes, Iron and Steel$3,110-$280-$560
HawaiiMaui2012Transformers: Distribution & Power Station$235,966-$21,237-$42,474
HawaiiMaui2012Trash/Garbage Collection Srvcs-Incl Port San SVCS$5,227-$470-$941
HawaiiMaui2012Valves, Nonpowered$5,886-$530-$1,059
HawaiiMaui2012Valves, Powered$50,738-$4,566-$9,133
HawaiiMaui2012Vehicular Furniture and Accessories$106,611-$9,595-$19,190
HawaiiMaui2012Waste Treatment & Storage$2,000-$180-$360
TOTAL   $17,655,624-$1,589,007-$3,178,014

Data sources and more data available at, compiled from public data at

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