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Defense Breakdown Economic Impact Report
By Place of Performance Data -- Sorted by Product or Service

(FY 2012 Defense Contracts Baseline Data)

Estimated 9% to 18% Annual Budget Reductions Starting in FY 2013

Go to to view detailed reports on Montana counties, cities, Congressional Districts, industries, small businesses and information on sources and methodology.


  • Our military is carrying an unfair burden of deficit cuts. To date, our Defense budget has been hit with 50% of deficit reduction -- yet it accounts for less than 20% of total federal spending. As a result of these cuts, in 2012 President Obama limited U.S. military capability to fighting one "regional conflict" and one "holding action."
  • Sequestration Defense budget cuts of $500 billion, combined with previous Defense cuts of another $487 billion, will cut defense spending in local communities by 9% to 18% between 2013 and 2021.
  • These reports show how estimates of defense budget reductions from 9% to 18% could affect Montana with cuts in defense jobs and businesses. Ask your elected officials for ongoing updates on how these defense cuts will affect your community.
  • Alternative solutions have been proposed to maintain a strong defense, reduce our deficit and avoid tax increases. Elected officials have proposed that the President and Congress reduce mandatory entitlement spending and make cuts in the non-security programs in the Federal budget. Over 60% of federal spending goes to entitlements like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and now Obamacare.

StateCountyContract YearProduct or Service$ AmountReduction
   by 9.0%
   by 18.0%
MontanaLewis and Clark2012ACFT Hydraulic, Vacuum & DE-Icing Sys Comp$7,422-$668-$1,336
MontanaLewis and Clark2012ADP Centrl Processing Unit (CPU, Computer), Analog$71,400-$6,426-$12,852
MontanaLewis and Clark2012ADP Components$9,522-$857-$1,714
MontanaLewis and Clark2012ADP Input/Output and Storage Devices$31,832-$2,865-$5,730
MontanaLewis and Clark2012ADP Software$61,666-$5,550-$11,100
MontanaLewis and Clark2012ADP Supplies$6,352-$572-$1,143
MontanaLewis and Clark2012ADP Support Equip$305,002-$27,450-$54,900
MontanaLewis and Clark2012ADPE System Configuration$61,350-$5,522-$11,043
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Armament Training Devices$42,598-$3,834-$7,668
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Batteries, Rechargeable$28,413-$2,557-$5,114
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Books and Pamphlets$18,213-$1,639-$3,278
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Boxes, Cartons, And Crates$16,767-$1,509-$3,018
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Cabinets, Lockers, Bins, And Shelving$19,761-$1,778-$3,557
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Communications Services$7,813-$703-$1,406
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Composite Food Packages$79,116-$7,120-$14,241
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Mfg Services$113,000-$10,170-$20,340
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Construction of Miscellaneous Buildings$512,069-$46,086-$92,172
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Construction of Other Non-Building Facilities$3,282,794-$295,451-$590,903
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Custodial - Janitorial Services$7,620-$686-$1,372
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Electrical & Elct Properties Meas & Tst Instrumnts$30,427-$2,738-$5,477
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Endangered Species Studies - Plant & Animal$442,843-$39,856-$79,712
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Facilities Operations Support Services$57,285-$5,156-$10,311
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Fire Fighting Equipment$15,186-$1,367-$2,733
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Food Products Machinery and Equipment$20,239-$1,822-$3,643
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Food Services$81,221-$7,310-$14,620
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Food, Oils and Fats$79,118-$7,121-$14,241
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Footwear, Men's$5,469-$492-$984
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Ground Effect Vehicles$30,664-$2,760-$5,520
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Hand Tools, Power Driven$3,625-$326-$653
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services$63,668-$5,730-$11,460
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Lodging - Hotel/Motel$234,646-$21,118-$42,236
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Machine Tools, Portable$8,845-$796-$1,592
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Meat, Poultry, And Fish$33,185-$2,987-$5,973
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Medical & Surgical Instruments, Equip & Supplies$33,944-$3,055-$6,110
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Medical/Psychiatric Consultation Services$15,681-$1,411-$2,823
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Misc Household & Coml Furnishings & Appliances$3,754-$338-$676
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Miscellaneous Communication Equipment$37,858-$3,407-$6,814
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Miscellaneous Hardware$15,990-$1,439-$2,878
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Miscellaneous Machine Tools$25,502-$2,295-$4,590
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Miscellaneous Maint & Repair Shop Specilized Eq$34,607-$3,115-$6,229
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Miscellaneous Office Machines$177,996-$16,020-$32,039
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Miscellaneous Prefabricated Structures$1,945-$175-$350
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Miscellaneous Special Industry Machinery$47,247-$4,252-$8,504
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Motor Veh Maint & Repr Shop Specilized Eq$6,541-$589-$1,177
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Motorcycles, Motor Scooters and Bicycles$8,698-$783-$1,566
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Office Devices and Accessories$19,482-$1,753-$3,507
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Office Furniture$34,343-$3,091-$6,182
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Other Administrative Support Services$164,434-$14,799-$29,598
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Other ADP & Telecommunication Services$19,873-$1,789-$3,577
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Other Education & Training Services$171-$15-$31
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Other Medical Services$19,386-$1,745-$3,489
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Other Natural Resources & Conservation Services$17,250-$1,553-$3,105
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Other Professional Services$117,171-$10,545-$21,091
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Other Social Services$30,540-$2,749-$5,497
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Program Management/Support Services$116,815-$10,513-$21,027
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Program Review/Development Services$7,234-$651-$1,302
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Radio and TV Comm Equipment, Airborne$14,720-$1,325-$2,650
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Recreational Services$49,179-$4,426-$8,852
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Rings, Shims, And Spacers$3,640-$328-$655
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Safety and Rescue Equipment$9,103-$819-$1,639
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Sewage Treatment Equipment$4,192-$377-$755
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Special Dietary Foods & Food Specialty Prep$66,065-$5,946-$11,892
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Specialized Shipping & Storage Containers$9,530-$858-$1,715
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Surgical Dressing Materials$64,986-$5,849-$11,697
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Telephone and Telegraph Equipment$275,872-$24,828-$49,657
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Tractors, Wheeled$12,399-$1,116-$2,232
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Training Aids$4,002-$360-$720
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Translation & Interpreting Services$56,179-$5,056-$10,112
MontanaLewis and Clark2012Vocational/Technical$7,675-$691-$1,382
MontanaLewis and Clark2012X-Ray Equip & Sup: Medical, Dental, & Vet$5,700-$513-$1,026
TOTAL   $7,328,835-$659,596-$1,319,188

Data sources and more data available at, compiled from public data at

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