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Defense Breakdown Economic Impact Report
By Place of Performance Data -- Sorted by Contracting Office

(FY 2012 Defense Contracts Baseline Data)

Estimated 9% to 18% Annual Budget Reductions Starting in FY 2013

Go to to view detailed reports on Oregon counties, cities, Congressional Districts, industries, small businesses and information on sources and methodology.


  • Our military is carrying an unfair burden of deficit cuts. To date, our Defense budget has been hit with 50% of deficit reduction -- yet it accounts for less than 20% of total federal spending. As a result of these cuts, in 2012 President Obama limited U.S. military capability to fighting one "regional conflict" and one "holding action."
  • Sequestration Defense budget cuts of $500 billion, combined with previous Defense cuts of another $487 billion, will cut defense spending in local communities by 9% to 18% between 2013 and 2021.
  • These reports show how estimates of defense budget reductions from 9% to 18% could affect Oregon with cuts in defense jobs and businesses. Ask your elected officials for ongoing updates on how these defense cuts will affect your community.
  • Alternative solutions have been proposed to maintain a strong defense, reduce our deficit and avoid tax increases. Elected officials have proposed that the President and Congress reduce mandatory entitlement spending and make cuts in the non-security programs in the Federal budget. Over 60% of federal spending goes to entitlements like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and now Obamacare.

StateCountyContract YearGco$ AmountReduction
   by 9.0%
   by 18.0%
OregonJackson2012ACA, Fort Knox$8,252-$743-$1,485
OregonJackson2012Commanding General$55,219-$4,970-$9,939
OregonJackson2012Commanding Officer$25,379-$2,284-$4,568
OregonJackson2012Contract Operations Division Falls Church$1,785-$161-$321
OregonJackson2012CRREL, Hanover$1,380-$124-$248
OregonJackson2012DLA Maritime - Puget Sound$3,493-$314-$629
OregonJackson2012DLA Oklahoma City$6,290-$566-$1,132
OregonJackson2012FA8251 448 SCMG PKHF$2,963-$267-$533
OregonJackson2012Fisc Puget Sound$4,186-$377-$753
OregonJackson2012Fleet and Industrial Supply Cent$24,235-$2,181-$4,362
OregonJackson2012Humphrey Engineer Supt Acty Ctr$1,444,832-$130,035-$260,070
OregonJackson2012MCAS Iwakuni JA$5,820-$524-$1,048
OregonJackson2012Naval Air Engineering Station$79,994-$7,199-$14,399
OregonJackson2012Naval Air Warfare Center Air Div$6,838,679-$615,481-$1,230,962
OregonJackson2012Naval Air Warfare Center$5,294-$476-$953
OregonJackson2012Naval Research Laboratory$45,985-$4,139-$8,277
OregonJackson2012Naval Surface Warfare Center$16,112-$1,450-$2,900
OregonJackson2012Navy Region Southwest$13,492-$1,214-$2,429
OregonJackson2012Receiving Officer$57,083-$5,137-$10,275
OregonJackson2012Sierra Army Depot$8,163-$735-$1,469
OregonJackson2012Traffic Management Office Code 5$95,543-$8,599-$17,198
OregonJackson2012US Army Medical Research Acq Act$10,350-$932-$1,863
OregonJackson2012USA Communications-Electronics$97,104-$8,739-$17,479
OregonJackson2012USA Engineer District Portland$169,205-$15,228-$30,457
OregonJackson2012USPFO for Idaho$10,500-$945-$1,890
OregonJackson2012USPFO for Iowa, Camp Dodge$145,213-$13,069-$26,138
OregonJackson2012USPFO for Minnesota, Camp Riley$10,290-$926-$1,852
OregonJackson2012USPFO for Nevada$18,582-$1,672-$3,345
OregonJackson2012USPFO for New York$34,606-$3,115-$6,229
OregonJackson2012USPFO for Oregon$90,040-$8,104-$16,207
OregonJackson2012USPFO for Wyoming$7,822-$704-$1,408
OregonJackson2012Vicksburg Consolidated Contracts$99,990-$8,999-$17,998
OregonJackson2012XU W6KD USACE EIT SVCS$82,457-$7,421-$14,842
TOTAL   $9,574,214-$861,679-$1,723,356

Data sources and more data available at, compiled from public data at

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