By: Travis Korson
CNS News

Major General Andrew Davis, Executive Director of the Reserve Officers Association appeared on Secure Freedom Radio to discuss what $500 billion in additional cuts to our military from the Budget Control Act of 2011 could mean.

The cuts are part of the sequestration mechanism included in the budget.

General Davis, who served during the ‘hollow’ Carter and Clinton years, recounted some of the alarming techniques used to save costs on training:

“I came back from Vietnam in 1971, was on the drill field, left active service and joined the reserves in the late 70s and I was in an infantry battalion headquartered in Chicago and literally we ran through the woods, yelling bang bang during the Carter years because there was no training ammunition. And we were getting ready to do a tank infantry exercise with NATO troops in Europe and we were literally using paper plates to simulate mines because [there were] no training resources.

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