Major General Andrew Davis, USMC (Ret)

On behalf of the 1.1 million members of the Reserve and National Guard, the Reserve Officers Association and the Reserve Enlisted Association thank the committee for the opportunity to submit testimony on budgeting issues affecting serving members, retirees, their families, and survivors.

The associations would like to further thank those Senators who have been working to postpone planned cuts to Reserve Component aircraft by the Air Force. A proper analysis needs to be done before premature action is taken that could encumber our national security.

The Title 10 Reserve and National Guard are no longer just a part-time strategic force but are an integral contributor to our nation’s operational ability to defend itself, assist other countries in maintaining global peace, and fight against overseas threats. They are an integrated part of the Total Force, yet remain a surge capability as well.

At a time that the Pentagon and Congress are examining our nation’s security, it would be incorrect to discount the Reserve Components’ abilities and cost efficiencies. Instead, these parttime warriors provide a cost savings solution and an area to retain competencies for missions not directly embodied in the administration’s new strategic policy, Sustaining U.S. Global Leadership: Priorities for a 21st Century Defense.”

ROA and REA are concerned that as the Pentagon strives to achieve the administration’s goals for this new strategic policy, it is not seriously considering the available assets and cost efficiencies of the Reserve Component, and that it views the Reserve and National Guard as a bill payer instead.

Congress, starting with the leadership of this subcommittee, should insist on a methodical analysis of suggested reductions in missions and bases before budgeting for such changes. Haste creates mistakes.

The full testimony can be read here: