Joe Cogliano

Dayton Business Journal

The Center for Security Policy has posted new Congressional district reports to help estimate the potential local economic impacts of the ten-year $500 billion in cuts to the nation’s defense budget under Sequestration.

The reports provide a 2011 baseline to see how congressional districts may be affected by the planned across-the-board sequestration cuts in the 2013 defense budget.

Click here to see the reports.

Sequestration is already starting to pinch defense contractors in the Dayton area and industry insiders say it will have a disastrous effect on the regional economy when it kicks in next year.

The Dayton region is especially vulnerable to defense cuts, as it’s home to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The Top 25 largest defense contractors account for 3,000 Dayton-area employees and more than $755 million in combined local Defense Department contract awards in the most recent year, according to Dayton Business Journal research.

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