Jerry McConnell

Canada Free Press

The big news these days outside of terrorist killings and fire bombings of American embassies in most of the lands where the “peaceful” Muslims currently have the upper  hand and are administering their particular version of their “peaceful” and “loving” enforcement of their gentle hints of persuasion to have their way, is a process taking place in our once grand nation that was honorable and strong, but is now destined to be one of the more inferior and weak world nations, pending on our socio-communist leaders bent on destruction of America with the help of a new tool called Sequestration.

If you’re not aware of what that term means don’t feel lonely as millions haven’t got a clue to what it is supposed to represent; but, when our country is left as a shadow of its former self and a relatively spineless, gutless, decimated shadow of pre-Obama America, then you’ll have an inkling of what is going on.

Sequestration is taking shape in the form of implementation planning by means of legislation enacted on August 02, 2011 titled, Budget Control Act of 2011, Public Law (112-25, S.365) which is a round of automatic Sequestration spending cuts scheduled to begin in January 2013.  These cuts will be dangerous to our military along with the nation’s economy. Were they enacted on a complete basis covering ALL cost bases they could have had great merit; but they fall woefully short.

Representative Frank Guinta, R-NH reported in his ‘Footnotes’ to constituents, “Experts say the severe reductions would result in the smallest Army since 1940, the smallest Navy since 1916, and the smallest Air Force in our history. As if that wouldn’t be bad enough, the Center for Security Policy estimates nearly 4,000 jobs are on the line right here in New Hampshire. Nationally, over 1 million jobs are in jeopardy.”

During early September 2012, Congressman Guinta advised that he signed on as a cosponsor of H. R. 6438, the Member Pay Reduction and Responsibility Act. As he explains it, “Simply put, it says that if Congress and the Obama Administration fail to act by the end of this year, they won’t get paid as usual. The paychecks for the President, Vice President and all Senators and Representatives would be reduced equivalent to the Sequester’s percentage cut to non-exempt, non-defense discretionary spending (about 8.2%, as projected in OMB’s recent report).”

Showing fortitude and a sense of fairness to all Americans, Congressman Guinta further added this to his remarks, “Americans expect their government to responsibly address this important issue. It’s only right that they suffer the consequences if they don’t fulfill that obligation.”

This sort of dedication to fairness to all Americans along with possessing a keen sense of uncommon intelligence among his peers, has Congressman Guinta among the unrewarded leaders in the House of Representatives.  However, I think that he and other members of Congress could have gone somewhat further in their quest for fairness in their legislative efforts.  I do believe that some sort of similar sequestration cuts should apply to governmental elected offices such as the numbers of Representatives to the House, Senators to that chamber, federal judges at all levels, officials, cabinet secretaries, personal assistants to the POTUS and the First Lady and other presidential staff at all levels including reductions of salaries of all remaining federal government employees at all levels.

Sure there are constitutional restrictions but we already have over two dozen amendments and the POTUS completely ignores it with impunity.  Also, all Czars, lobbyists and “hangers-on” should be exported to the farthest foreign port that will accept them.

Also spending cuts should have been part of the sequestration in cuts in Executive Departments from twenty percent up to and including the total budgets of all to specific tax wasting offices due to corruptive practices in departments such as Commerce, Education, Interior, Labor, all more capably administered at local levels; and serious cutbacks in costs due to overzealousness in others such as Energy (EPA), Homeland Security, Transportation, Treasury (IRS) and costly corruption and divisiveness in the Attorney General’s Office.

If the United States would ever achieve the goal of reforming and tax-dollar rationing of the out-of-control fiscal wasteful spending in both Congress and the Executive Branch while stopping lifetime tenures for federal judges and justices, some semblance of order and control of management for our government may be realized for the good of the people.

This constant atmosphere where the only response to a question on fiscal matters elicits the words, ‘How much?’, must be soundly clamped with an iron fist.

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