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The Center for Security Policy on Sept. 11 posted new Congressional District Reports to help estimate the potential local economic impacts of the 10-year $500 billion in cuts to the nation’s defense budget under sequestration.

The reports are available online

The Congressional District Reports are a tool to help local officials and businesses prepare for the possible impact of job losses and harm to local communities from the sequestration budget cuts.

The Congressional District Reports provide a 2011 baseline to see how congressional districts may be affected by the planned across-the-board sequestration cuts in the 2013 defense budget.

These sequestration defense budget cuts will be an estimated total of 18 percent or more when combined with earlier budget cuts.

The nearby table depicts the economic impact on northeastern Pennsylvania counties calculated by the Center for Security Policy using both a 9-percent annual budget reduction and an 18-percent annual budget reduction, starting in 2013.

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