By: Jen DiMasco
Aviation Week

The Center for Security Policy has a new report designed to assist lobbying efforts against the threatened $1 trillion in reduced military spending over the next 10 years under the Budget Control Act.

Just as the numbers can show just how much individual congressional districts might lose in defense spending under sequestration, they also illustrate increases in defense spending over the last 10 years and which areas are most dependent on the military industrial complex.

The Pentagon poured more than $1 trillion into Virginia, California and Texas alone over that decade. Between 2000 and 2010, Virginia earned $398.9 billion from military contracts, California $371.1 billion, and Texas lagged behind with $317.1 billion. And Democrat Rep. Jim Moran’s northern Virginia district pulled in an estimated 29,387 contracts in 2010 worth $21 billion.

Check it out: